Q. What is the background of the promoters and what are the projects already completed?

Green Home was established In 1999. with its registered office at Hyder-abad. ‘lhe Promoter Directors are Mr. i-lazrath Rao Bollineni, Mr. G Gnanasehar, Mr. l-larlbabu Bollineni and Mr. BV Sal ram. Their qualifications and experience cover all aspects of the indusny.The company has successfully completed nearly 20 projects in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengalum, with over 10.000 totally satisfied clients

Q. What will be the status of ownership for the buyer?

Unlike most other developers. Green Home offers freehold property with no encumbrances. Moreover. with our villa projects. 100% of the land on which the villas are built. will belong to the buyer.

Q. Are the plots and properties all approved?

No venture is taken up without complete approvals from all the concerned authorities The details of these approvals are totally transparent and made available to the prospective buyer right in the beginning.

Q. What are the possible advantages ofan investment rather than occupation?

The very nature of the location. amenities. probable development around the area and the infrastructure. make for very positive investment option both in terms of rentals and appreciation in value.

Q. What about timely completion of projects?

Green Home has an enviable record of timely completion and adherence to quality.

Q. What are the usual amenities provided?

The normal amenities are paved roads. street lighting. parks and play areas, sports facilities, adequate power, water and security. And all these come at no extra cost.

Q. Will the home be ready in all respects for occupation by the buyer?

While the basic construction is taken care by us, the choice of electrical fittings, interiors etc. are let to the choice and taste of the customer.

Q. Will there be easy access by public transport to the homes?

The sites are easily accessible by public transports. Alongside. Greenhome also offers regular shuttle services locally. Contact the site office for further details.